The Lost Space of Stiller

Project details

February – March 2009

ETH Library Zurich

Michael Shaw – Sound Designer
Dan Farmer – Film
Esinem – Rope Bondage
Matthias Amann – Text
iGuzzini illuminazione Schweiz AG – Lighting
Straehl Holzbau & Brunner Holzbau – Construction

The Max Frisch-Archive in Zurich preserves the literary legacy of the world-famous Swiss author and has commissioned Markus Seifermann to curate and design this spatial interpretation of Frisch’s novel ‘I’m Not Stiller’. Markus Seifermann was responsible for concept development, design and planning, as well as for the entire realisation of the project at the ETH library in Zurich. Markus Seifermann’s artwork formed the main body of the installation and was accompanied by the work of three artists who specialise in sound and film.