BIZ Bundestag Visitor Centre, Berlin, Germany

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Berlin, Germany

Bundestag German Government

This concept design is for a visitor centre and entrance building to the Reichstag German Parliament building in Berlin.
The proposed visitor centre features interactive displays, lecture facilities, a café, bistro and seminar rooms where MPs can meet visitors. It is connected to the parliament building by an underground tunnel.
These diverse uses and strict programmatic requirements are arranged in the floor plan for maximum efficiency.

A design concept of security, solidity incorporates stringent security requirements while still developing an architecture of lightness and transparency.

Natural stone towers at the four corners form a ‘gateway’ to clearly define the entrance and the route for visitors to begin their journey into the Reichstag building. Full-height glass walls create a visual link to the Reichstag, and offer views of the surrounding parkland.

The visitor centre takes a humble stance towards the Reichstag, deferring in form, scale and materials.
At an urban scale, the building engages with the main routes towards the city centre, the Brandenburg Gate, the Tiergarten park and the Reichstag, with a small square formed to gather all visitors in front of the entrance.