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Cherry Blossom House, proving sustainability can be sexy!

ÜberRaum’s Cherry Blossom house has been featured on Homify magazine, the UK and world-wide design network, as one of 10 eco-friendly houses proving sustainability can be sexy.

Located close to Strasbourg, Cherry Blossom House is a low-carbon house, completely insulated with eco-friendly cellulose and finished with triple glazed windows. But it gets even more impressive—the integrated solar panels on the roof and an air source heat pump also make it (almost) completely energy self-sufficient.

Read the article here.

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NEW PROJECT: Mountainside Courtyard House

We’re working on a new residential courtyard house, which creates indoors-outdoors spaces, in a stunning mountainside setting.

More to come soon!

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ÜberRaum hosted entrepreneurs from Germany’s Bavaria International, for talks all about the UK construction market, focused on exchanging and developing knowledge, skills and contacts.

The day held at our London office was enjoyed by entrepreneurs and construction professionals discussing excellence and innovation in London and UK building.